November 2021 Newsletter Now Available!

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November 1, 2021
December 2021 Newsletter Now Available!
December 14, 2021

The November 2021 OVLR Newsletter has now been sent to all current members by email. Contact us if you have not received your copy. Non-Members can get access by joining today or or downloadable copies are available in our online shop for $5.

In this month’s issue we have:

  • A summary of a discussion from the Virtual Social in OVLR news about day trips and trail rides;
  • This month’s ten questons finds Ted Rose, a former OVLR President and Britsh car enthusiast.
  • 860174, one of the first two Land-Rovers to have known to have come to Canada, has reappeared after seventy three years in Manitoba and northern Ontario.
  • For Winter Romp enthusiasts, the Great Beaver War of ‘21 con􀀚nues on the Green. Like the Western Front of the Great War, it resembles a bit of a stalemate.
  • Larry Simpson writes on a little bit of refurbishment of the bulkhead brackets that hold the top of the wings;
  • Andrew Jones returns, though takes a bit of a break from the NADA and goes off on a tangent to discuss his latest acquisiton, a 1966 Rover P6, or Rover 2000;
  • Aleksandre Agadjanov sends a few more photos of his early IIA 109 station wagon model build. This month it is making windshield wiper blades. Do note the size of the wooden match in a couple of the photos
  • Greg Fitzgerald sends in an account on his recent meanderings in British Columbia. This is part one of two;
  • David Short writes on the Mid-Atlantic Rally. This event attracts a number of our American members.For regular attendees, next year’s MAR will be back at Pearl’s Pond, which should make for an interesting event.

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