Bringing monthly news to members for over 35 years.

When OVLR was formed in 1984, it was realised that unless a club keeps in regular contact with its membership in some physical sense, it risks failing.

OVLR is the only North American club to produce a monthly newsletter. Even more unique, is that OVLR has never missed a month in producing a newsletter in over 35 years.


Articles and photographs may be submitted to the Editor, Dixon Kenner ( or via post to the club address. Please include photographer’s name,captions, identifications of people and vehicles, and a return address if you want the photos back. For the best reproduction of photos, use the highest resolution possible.

Deadlines: Submissions to the OVLR Newsletter must be received by the 5th of every month for inclusion in the next month’s newsletter. All items submitted for publication should be legible and attributable. Names may be withheld at the request of the writer.

Editorial Policy: The Editor of the OVLR newsletter reserves the right to edit any submitted material for space and content considerations. Articles, statements and opinions appearing in the OVLR newsletter do not necessarily reflect the position of the officers, board of director, members of the OVLR or its sponsors or advertisers. Where specific data regarding operation, safety, repairs or legislation are concerned, you are advised to obtain an independent verification. The Club, officers and contributors can accept no responsibilities for the result of errors or omissions given in this newsletter or by any other means.