December 2021 Newsletter Now Available!

November 2021 Newsletter Now Available!
November 11, 2021
OVLR Alternate Parts List
December 17, 2021

The December 2021 OVLR Newsletter has now been sent to all current members by email. Contact us if you have not received your copy. Non-Members can get access by joining today or downloadable copies are available in our online shop for $5

In this month’s issue we have:

  • The start of the OVLR Awards Season;
  • Kevin’s ten questons for former president William Ficner (2015-16)
  • For Winter Romp enthusiasts, the SMG column discusses further improvements to trails
  • Larry Simpson writes on a litte bit of refurbishment of the CB brake master cylinder
  • Andrew Jones returns with part 4 of NADA noodlings, discussing cooling
  • Kevin Newell writes on Td5 oil centrifuge oil bolt repair
  • Andrew Hill contributes an article on the newly re-released Corgi 417 Breakdown truck
  • Keith Barrett sends a review of the new book "Afghanistan at Time of Peace" by Christopher Balfour, an account of a 1955 expedition
  • Aleksandre Agadjanov sends a few more photos of his early IIA 109 SW model build.This month he is making the rear hitch
  • Greg Fitzgerald sends in an article on his recent participation in the Guy Fawkes gathering in upstate New York
  • No space for the Editors Land-Rover Stamps or toys :(

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